Thursday, 29 December 2011

TIME SLOTS ANNOUNCED HERE & Important FAQs (location info, late night entry etc)

Ahoy Sasspots!

The battle for SASS LEVEL MAXIMIZATION has almost begun!! Tomorrow (Friday) at 6pm PT we will be releasing the exact address for the event. If you have a physical ticket, please visit the URL printed on the ticket and enter the password when prompted. If you purchased tickets online, you will receive an e-mail with this URL & password within the next 24 hours.

Some Important FAQ's we've had: 

Q: Why all the secrecy about the location? 
 A: This is NOT an illegal event. The location has been approved for capacity and is intended for mass occupancy. All licenses & insurance have been acquired. This is just to keep the event close-knit & chock-full of amazing Warrior sass-vibes, fam-only styles even after the downtown bars close. ;) We would like to keep this event intimate and comfortable for you & our staff, hence the decision to protect our location information. We know word-of-mouth among our community will spread quickly enough to anyone needing the info; we feel confident that is enough without publicly posting the address.  

Q: Do I HAVE to wear a costume? 
A: No, but there is a very old legend that says that Warriors who wear costumes, even just small costume pieces or embellishments of some sort, have approximately 179% more fun than Warriors who don't. Also they get 254% more attention from hot fellow Warriors. Take heed!

Q: I already have a ticket to something else earlier in the evening, but I heard you are going until late. Will I be able to get in if I come by later?
A: Most likely. It really just depends whether or not we are at capacity. Once capacity is reached, we will be admitting people at the door as others leave. We will probably stop letting new people in altogether around 4am (although the party will continue inside until a bit later).

Q: How much will tickets be at the door? Will there be a cash machine on site or nearby?
A: THERE IS NO CASH MACHINE at or around the venue. The closest one is about 3-4 blocks away, which is annoying for you if it's raining, so please, BRING CASH. The bar does not accept credit cards or debit cards. Tickets at the door will be at $60 at the beginning of the night ($5 above the current ticket price... there will be a VERY small number left for sale at the door). They will then decrease in price, first after the special midnight burlesque show & then decreasing steadily from that point onward. When & by how much exactly will be have to be played by ear.

Bottom line: if you are waffling about whether to come after ______, our advice would be to come by & check it out. Rumour has it that there may be a couple other late-night options nearby (and by "nearby" I mean within walking distance and by "rumour" I mean fact) if for whatever reason we are full or if the price at that time is still too steep for you. TRUST ME though, our party promises to be very much worth the price & a short wait, if necessary. Also fact. For riz. 

Q: Will there be a coat check?
A: Yes. And nice attractive people working there.

Q: What are the DJ & performance time slots?
A: Taaadaaaa!!!

DJ K-TEL- 10pm to 11am
WOODHEAD feat. THINKTANK - 11pm to 12am
****Warrior Cry NYE 2012 COUNTDOWN ******
SWEET SOUL BURLESQUE - 12:05am to 12:30am
LUCITERRA & FRIENDS - 2am to 2:15am

And now to leave you with a most excellent & classic shot from the pink office courtesy of The Power of Greyskull.

Loving your work here guys. In particular I feel that the soft, fuzzy loincloth demonstrates that He-man is not just braun... he's got smarts. ;) Gnome sayin?

kisses n' sword swishez


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

75% Sold Out... plus LUCITERRA & friends added to the bill!


We are quickly approaching 2012... and 75% of our tickets for our sassbomb NYE party have been sold. We are now at the $55 level. Buy ASAP to avoid disappointment! So excited to have the crew back together again!!! This party is going to be PURE SASS. Pure. Like, distilled, extra refined purity. ;)

 or see our list of vendors around the city:

Noww.... how is it possible to  make this already crazy line-up even better? How about a little of THIS:

& maybe a little of THAT:

Yarrrrr!!! The gorgeous and talented ladies from Luciterra (top photo) will be helping us ring in the New Year! And to open, a special performance by Dollhouse alumni trinity Yvette, Annamay & Nicole (bottom photo) from their recent debut at the sold out White Raven Revue! UM - YES.

This special performance will take place between Glitchy & Scratchy and Michael Red vs. The Librarian.... so like I said... Refined Sass. Level 11.

Huge love & recuperative holiday vibes to all of you... now back to crafting fun costume bits in front of yummy movies!!  More updates to come, check back soon!


Thursday, 8 December 2011

TICKETS online now & in-stores tomorrow!

(This is a pic of Sweet Soul Burlesque performer Little Miss Risk, who will be performing at the event! Thanks to photographer Ed Araquel. Make up (and prop obtainment) by Venus Baeza and outfit by Mike's Custom Leather.)


TICKETS for our event will be at all ticket outlets as of tomorrow morning (The Fall, Puff Pipes, Highlife Records) and are currently online at THERE ARE ONLY 100 tickets available at the price of $45, after that they jump to $55. So hurry & purchase asap to take advantage of the early bird rate!

Also remember we are limiting ticket sales to keep this event intimate. This will NOT be a massive 700 person event... we want to keep it fam-styles. So please please don't sleep on tickets.. as we have seen lately, underground music events seem to be selling out very quickly & we really want YOU to be there (hence our new approach to the promo). Giant underground venue with awesome vibe / eye candy, serious Application Audio sound, 8 different DJs, 5 burlesque performers, pro security & also, the party will go from 10pm til very late (like, past 5)... it's old-school Dollhouse flavah. We're PUMPED.

K valiant warriors! Go forth & may the SASS be with you!!

Huge love from the whole crew...

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Aannd... The Detes are Live!

Yo yo Sasspumps.

So for a few different reasons we decided to go with uploading an event blog instead of promoting this event with a public Facebook page. This way, even though the information is technically still public and easily accessible, we can at least have a bit of a hand as to who is passing out or posting the link. We're guessing that if you found your way here, you're either a friend, you got the link from someone awesome or you probably know us; you probably give a shit; and we probably want you at our party. YEAHHHH!! We all win.

Just to clarify, by "our" I mean "OUR", as in yours too. If you were one of the lovelies able to join us for one of our debaucherous inner-city jaunts at the now-defunct Dollhouse (or heard about them), you know that we are all about sass, serious outfits, serious music, and the one-nesssssss-nesss among peoples. You know. All THAT shit. ;) So far, NYE 2012 has been extra-coated in magic. Things for this event have all been perfectly falling into place... so we are GOING for it. Who are we to argue with the universe? Or, more importantly, the POWER of GRAYSKULL??  Not us. Puhlayse.

So click it up! Updates & more info forthcoming. Now to watch Xena Warrior Princess clips for a month and pin Boris Vallejo images to my ceiling. Ohhh yeahhhhh.